Increase Your iPhone’s Storage Without Breaking The Bank! – OLALA iDisk Review

Increase Your iPhone’s Storage Without Breaking The Bank! – OLALA iDisk Review


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I was recently sent out an iDisk Mobile Memory Drive from OLALA. Here are my thoughts on it!

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  1. iTards make the same old tired jokes about how Android phones have low quality cameras while also willing to spend thousands of dollars on crappy limited phones that not only lack basic features (headphone jack, sd card slot) but are full of proprietary bullshit aswell, smh.

  2. as an android user i say HA

  3. First buy android

    problem solved

  4. Lmao, I sold my 6s 64gb last month for 100£

  5. mjd7999 Try out this

    (or if thats your old name xD)

    I made it in Delphi 7

  6. iPhone? Well there's your problem right there… Even Android phones with no SD slot allow an OTG cable for any USB device you like.

  7. Mjd!!! Can you please do a video about the 19H1 Windows 10 update???

    I will be waiting… ⏲️⏲️⏲️

  8. What’s with all the retarded hate towards iPhones? Just let the guy use whatever he prefere to be using! I can perfectly see, why many people prefere Apple products despite their premium price. Also – I’m ashamed that it’s always Android users that whines like little bi*ches in the comments of every Apple-related video. I have never seen Apple user starting a flame war first. Just grow the f*ck up already, and use whatever OS/phone/social media you want, and shut the hell up!

  9. Note 9 512GB here, really glad I never got one of the newer iPhones

  10. And on Android you just need microsd

  11. easiest way to increase your phone storage is to buy an android phone with expandable storage.

  12. I have a 16 GB iPhone 6s too, a silver one

  13. meanwhile android has been supporting OTG flash drives for years

  14. Iphones are to proprietary and over priced.

  15. Excellent Video Michael MJD! Never knew this thing existed… Now I can finally increase my storage! But I have an android phone though…

  16. 100% guaranteed it’s not 64GB actual storage..

  17. you need more subs this is great

  18. next video, no more voiceovers though because I moved away from that inaccurate junk.

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