HP Stream 7 In-Depth Review – Best Budget Windows 10 Gaming Tablet?

HP Stream 7 In-Depth Review – Best Budget Windows 10 Gaming Tablet?


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  1. 2018 get a Nintendo switch instead

  2. Nice video..What game is that at 1:50?

  3. Can we install computer software on the tablet since it's windows ? Like exe files ?

  4. I know i came a little bit late you know but i hope you can help. I got this tablet and there is no way to get such a good performance with Steam in-home streaming like you do. I barely able to play some small games. My gaming PC is wired and of course my HP stream 7 is wifi on same network.
    Digging a little bit with the steam diagnostic tools shows me that processor and memory are using lot of resources sometimes and it matches with the performance issues.
    The tablet only has 2.4ghz so that make no sense to ise a 5ghz router if the tablet does not manage that speed.
    What do you think?
    Thanks in advance

  5. Looking for a tablet that actually plays buff games natively? "CHUWI Hi10 Plus" seems to be as affordable as tablets can get. This $99 dollar tablet shown here will most likely lag like hell just playing Minecraft PE natively… CHUWI can actually run Overwatch, Skyrim and Fallout games at low settings without that Nvidia streaming thing that can run in any modern windows tablet… Constant wifi needed on a gaming tablet is a bummer.

  6. can i download itune from google webside? because i want to transfer my photo from my iphone to USB drive .

  7. how u get games on it same as pc or like samsung tab

  8. steam gaming wise without streaming…how well does it run games like final fantasy x/x-2 remaster, path of exile, tales series games and others?

  9. What do you think of the Linx Vision 8 Gaming Tablet, Chuwi 8 pro and this tablet and some other new Windows tablets? I am looking for the best game streaming tablet but still have decent specs and weight and screen display for general multitasking and other daily activities. 8" is perfect size wise I believe as I have dealt with 10.1" tablets and they are a bit on the large side I think even with controller and game pad adapters.. between 6-8" is ideal.

    So now a few years later what tablet would you recommend and what new controllers or game pad adapters.. I want to pull the plug on this Windows tablet hopefully within a year so am doing the research now so I can look out for deals in the coming year.

  10. great! Know what the specifications of the tablet? Ram, processor etc

  11. this tablet have only 1 gb of ram

  12. You should get a USB hub like the 4 port one you can still recharge the HP Stream 7 that way

  13. how about battery life while streaming from xbox one?

  14. how did he get gta 5????😵😱

  15. For this tablet, I can split the storage to Dual Boot Windows 10 for basic gaming like Minecraft or ROBLOX and Remix OS for Android Games!
    24GB for Windows
    8GB for Remix OS

  16. I got this tablet for $20…

  17. do u need very good wifi to stream

  18. did u stream gta v or did u just downloadet on the tablet

  19. but, i only can play digital games, no my disc games ):

  20. dude can this running skyrim? i will buy this in short time

  21. hi there does this support otg?

  22. Hey I can install darksiders 2 to this tablet esque I have with that doubt since I have it

  23. The resolution ISN'T 1280 by 720. Please recheck your source again.

  24. seriously its can run gta 5 very smooth wow….?

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