How to Upgrade Laptop Hard Drive To SSD Without Reinstalling Windows (Keep All Files & Apps)

How to Upgrade Laptop Hard Drive To SSD Without Reinstalling Windows (Keep All Files & Apps)


Mini Tool Partition Wizard FREE Edition:

Do you want to boost the performance of your laptop and speed up your work? Then you should consider upgrading from a hard disk to an SSD. In this video I show step-by-step guide on how to upgrade from a hard drive to an SSD without reinstalling windows or losing your data. This will also work for you if you want to clone your operating system from one hard drive to another.
Here I use Minitool Partition Wizard which is a free OS migration tool for the migration function.


Mini Tool Partition Wizard FREE Edition:
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Minitool Partition Wizard
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  1. Best tutorial for migrating HDD to SSD , Thank you very much !

  2. Okay I followed all the steps and now my shoes are tied together help!

  3. Thank you very much it was the best way for migrating HDD to SSD . wish you all the best.

  4. Thanks a lot for the detailed video sir.

  5. I know this is a tad old. But it helped me greatly thank you so much for the info. The program you used has a new version so the layout is a little different. But still worked like a charm. I wouldn't believe how much faster the boot time would be with the ssd. Dropped from almost 7min to 1min.

  6. man, they cost $$$$ now.

  7. i will buy a ssd soon beacuse i cant stay with this piece of crap anymore i will have both in my pc and i know from bios tnx for the tutorial bro i was going to get rid of my pc the hdd and do the windows install once again on the ssd and then delete all windows file's from the hdd and transfer the apps and photos manually you saved me a lot of time and thx good i have a good pc so it want take long to r5 1600 and 16 gb ram at 2666hz

  8. I am using a brand new SSD that has roughly 470 gb free. When I click on the SSD to Mirgate OS, it blocks out the "Next" button and says "The specified disk is too small." Why does it say this if I have nothing on the new SSD and it has 470gb free??

  9. Very good video. Thank-you very much.

  10. May i know if i can do this method with m.2??

  11. Excellent video. I have one question. Other videos I have watched indicate REMOVING the laptop battery, I didnt seen that in your video. IS IT SUFFICIENT to smply unplug the external power and turn off the laptop leaving the battery in place when changing the HDD drive to the SSD drive after the reinstallation of Windows?

  12. I've migrated to an ssd but that windows 10 files are still present in C drive and it is also showing windows icon on that drive

  13. it’s Also work ssd to HDD? with same processes Plz reply

  14. Everything works, until I take out the original hard drive and try to start my pc I get a message saying this copy of windows is not genuine. Please help!!! (Could this be because I had my windows installed on disc???)

  15. Thank you so much, it work just like you said.

  16. I have done this successfully so thank you but one problem I have that may not be a problem it before this I had 2 partitions as drives C and D. Now I have 5 partitions from drive C to G and do not understand why. I was thinking they were 3 hidden drives so when trying to select them and hide them I was not successful in doing so. Any help you can offer? Thanks

  17. Destroy means it will be delete the old partition and reformat by itself?

  18. Can you use this software to backup and restore to a new computer?

  19. Very clear instructions. I will try it later. Thanks.

  20. FYI. its better to put the SSD in the main slot and put the HDD in the caddy. most laptops use sata 2 for dvd drives. putting the ssd in the hdd caddy will bottle neck the ssd

  21. AOMEI Partition Assistant is also a great software for migrating HDD to SSD. The operation is very easy.

  22. Bummer that it doesn't allow you a choice of which disk to migrate from; I put a disk with an OS from a laptop inside my PC to use the software, but the software only wants to move my main PC's hard drive w/ OS to another drive. On to another software again… Thanks for the video, though; I can see that it would be very helpful in most cases.

  23. Just to let you now my language of choice was farsi !

  24. My only problem with this is that it says my ssd is to small but its 500gb and im just moving my os what should i do?

  25. I'm ordering an SSD tomorrow, would this still work?

  26. My pc froze on step 1 of 4 when partitioning, help

  27. i moved only my operating system using option B. Now I have 2 windows installed 1 on old hdd and 2nd on new ssd. Should I format the old one? As the drive is not displayed when booting from ssd.

  28. If you have a POS laptop and cannot get Windows 10 setup to recognize the SSD, this will work. Thank you so much.

  29. I have follow the steps you have shown in this tutorial smoothly and after it reboot i have checked and i have 5 drive partitioned from the ssd. I dont even make the ssd to be partitioned for 5 drive like that but end up this way. So i dont know what to do. Can you please help?

  30. I have a 2tb hhd with only 740gb used. Can I move that data to a 1tb ssd?

  31. Great tutorial, straight forward , excellent . I subscribed 🙂

  32. i just got a new 240gb ssd and only want to move the OS over to it. but its telling me not enough disk space. how is 240 gigs not enough for just the OS?

  33. will my windows 8 license retain by following your procedures?

  34. stuck at “Copy Partiition: 42%. Failed to read dish. error:23” please help

  35. Nice tutorial. Can I do the reverse? in other words my laptop that had the sata in it got smashed. however I took out the 500 gig western dig out of iti. I have the cable and can see the files and all looks good. my new laptop already has the ssd so I want to put all that on this new computer. it has the same os. what is any ones opinion or yours on this?

  36. Disk space to small (120gb available) ??

  37. Well, let's see if this works to upgrade from a tiny 120GB SSD to a 1TB SSD ^^

  38. Excellent tutorial, in the most part very clear.
    To make it even better….I would suggest speaking half the number of words! I completely lost it in several sections, such as licensing, where you just talk a lot. Keep it simple, keep it to the point, and speak nice and slowly (for the hard of hearing).
    But otherwise a really good and instructive tutorial. Thank you.

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