How To Pair Bluetooth On Windows Phone

How To Pair Bluetooth On Windows Phone


This is a quick video on how to pair a bluetooth headset, or just about any other bluetooth device, to your Windows Phone 7.

To do this, make sure that bluetooth is enabled on your Windows Phone, and then put your bluetooth into pairing mode. Once you’ve done this, the bluetooth screen on your phone should recognize your device. Tap on its name, and the two devices should automatically connect.



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How To Pair Bluetooth On Windows Phone



  1. My phone was working on Bluetooth but after a day I wouldn't connect and it works on any other phone so its not my speaker

  2. thank you so much it worked

  3. Thanks I did not get book on it with come with it. Show me how do it

  4. how about doing a tutorial for lumia…… that shit can't connect to any bluetooth 100% of the cases

  5. my phone only says connected to voice and wont play music through the headset why is that?

  6. can you play music thru it ?

  7. yes add something meaningful things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. After pin code ,NOT SUPPORTED ,please help me!

  9. who doesn't know this sort of things ? add a meaningful not meaningless video

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