How to Install Programs on Windows Mobile | Pocketnow

How to Install Programs on Windows Mobile | Pocketnow


This is a tutorial on installing CAB files in Windows Mobile. For more exclusives, follow us on twitter:


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How to Install Programs on Windows Mobile | Pocketnow



  1. I didn't satisfied , because I can not access free viber software for htc windows mobile phone pocket pc

  2. mine wont sync to the mobile device center in win 8.1

  3. i think i'm stupid because i cant download any app. from pocketnow….com/ some one help me please

  4. yo pocketnow can u give me the link? i can't find where do download it..

  5. Is there an external installer from pc to phone? there exists enough space for the app to be on the phone, but actually putting the cab there takes up too much space and i can't install it 😛 only solution to sacrifice a program? 🙁

  6. thank you very much for this video tutorial

  7. Hi, thanks for the wonderful video.. I did the same thing exactly as you have explained but each time i get this msg " There's no application associated with "SETUPDLL". Run the application first, the open the file from within the application" .. what do you think the problem is ?!.. Thanks a lot in advance ..

  8. i have a hd7 from tmobile and i want to install a program to it but when i connect the phone it comes up in zune not in mycomputer…….

  9. You've made it so simple for me – thanks

  10. How can you get skype on touch hd? 🙂

  11. Please,can you tell mi me some website where i can download games and app for my htc hd? For free,of course…:D

  12. great symphony man +923344002004

  13. hey man all ur vidz r really helpfull..iJus got my htc pro2 yesterday..iNeed help with sum features..its wen ever iSend a message iGet this notification that it has been sent with lik a little sound..iWas wondering if u can help me 2jus disable the sound but not the notification..much thanks..

  14. thanks men very thanks!!!! from spain

  15. @LiquidSun612 dude how did you instal it? i just got my hpone, but when i open a cab file it goes to opera? :S

  16. if you want to uninstall a program go to settings>system>deinstall programs

  17. What a useless video lol, I never thought YouTube actually payed people to upload this kind of shit.

  18. i have 6.1 running on my htc touch, will this still work?

  19. hi peeps is this fone the same as my titan 6800??

  20. And…how do i uninstal?
    please help me…

  21. just drag the .zip file to the phone
    dont open it

  22. IPhone is like the Macbook Air. People and Apple says it's the best notebook in the world but it doesnot even have a dvd or bluray reader… I think the most important with this stuff is that they integrate everything as possible. It is cool when you turn on your laptop to see a movie or TV. It is the same with cellphone. You need to record a video, then you can take your smart phone and do it. You cannot do that with the IPhone. Sorry guys but IPhone & Macbook Air suck and HTC rules.

  23. I am right when I say the IPhone is the US Empire cellphone. You get it and then you have to keep paying for everything. The only reason the IPhone is that popular is for the propagandistic fight of the Apple company. HTC phones are better and some of them don't even get sold on he US soil. I recognize two things in the IPhone, which are really cool: The UI and the touch screen technology. Nothing else.

  24. Well, so Microsoft Windows is the most popular OS in the world… If you know a higher selling OS, then tell me what it is. Nobody is saying IPhone is not popular. Of course it is. But most of smart people who got an iphone complaint about it. Maybe it is the most popular but it's not the best one. An smart phone without a front camera? An smart phone without recording video?

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