How to Force the Creators Update on unsupported Windows phones

How to Force the Creators Update on unsupported Windows phones


A quick how to on how to get your old windows phone back on track with the latest stable windows 10 update. With this trick you should be getting the creators update in a week no matter what windows 10 phone you have. My Lumia 920 lives strong for another day! or another year? let’s hope!

The creator’s update is on the horizon.
Supposed improvements in speed and some bits of added functionality.
Cool. Huh.
But boo hoo. If you’ve got a 930, 730, 830, 540, 430, or, yeah, many others,
You are not getting the update

Or are you?

Or are you?

You see. My 920 shouldn’t be running windows 10. not the anniversary update, and deficnately not the creators update. But it will.

How? A registry tweak.

Last time we used windows internals to tweak the registry to give you an additional gig to your swap file, now we’ll do a little tweak to your registry to get your phone up to date. Wither tool will do.

Remember, registry tweaks can mess up your system if you make a mistake, so take this guide with caution.
And getting unsupported update? Well, they come with no guarantee.
But for me it has been so far so good, it’s been stable, and very rarely if ever do I run into a feature that doesn’t work, like the panorama camera mode that never has worked.
But again, there is no official support.
But if you want the latest and greatest, proceed

Find and download the interop tools app. Extract it and copy the app files to a folder on your phone
On your phone you will need to go to settings, updates and security, for developers, and select developer mode
With this done head over to your file exploere
Find the app installer
Install it
It won’t show up right away, so give it a good minute
And once its there open it up
Head to the registry browser
Hkey local machine
Device targeting info
And you’ve got two keys you need to edit
Which you will change to rm-1080_113025 (write it)

And phonemodelname
Which you will rename lumia 950 and write.

And that’s it.

You can head to settings, system, about
And you should see your device showing up as a 950.

And hey, as far aswe’re now concerned your phone is a lumia 950
You should be able to update right on the same track as a 950, and when the creators update rolls around you should be getting it.

635,435,540,1520, nah… as far as microsoft is concerned, we all have 950s now.

Nokia Lumia 930 by Kārlis Dambrāns
Nokia Lumia 830 by Kārlis Dambrāns
Ein Lumia 735 mit Coverfarbe orange by Pedro Algar
The front of a Microsoft Lumia 540. by LyThienDao1984


  1. If you get this working, check out my video on how to increase your virtual memory in order to give your lumia just that little bit of an extra speed boost. You can still use interop to change the relevant keys (windows internals is another option):

  2. There is any way to install windows 10 on lumia 925

  3. Hey, when I make the registry tweek–it undoes it self. why? Help troubleshooting?

  4. im olso using lumia 920 too (yellow)

  5. Hi New Sub Here Does it work for lumia 630 dual-sim?? bec when i trying to install apps on sd card i didnt find the Install Local Apps on SD Card Can you help me Hope that you will reply immediately

  6. i updated my lumia 1020 safety,thanks. but i lost glance screen, could you solve it?

  7. شكرا
    الطريقة صحيحة وناجحة

  8. Hey i have a nokia lumia 730 dual sim …today i am updating my lumia 730 from 8.1 to windows 10 in this 2018 update also starts downloading but stop after 60 percent …….and now i am unable to update it to windows 10 even it is showing in phone update because of error …..and i am also using a very fast internet connection …..

  9. thx a lot, my lumia 820, 930 & 735 are in the last w10m, very good job

  10. I can't install interop any suggestions

  11. Thanks loved the video I have a Lumia 820 so will give your suggestion a try thanks again Bob in UK

  12. bro i have no space wat to do it need 750 mb and i have nothing to uninstall

  13. Hello i have the same 920 but how do i install interoptool i don't know where the developer settings are

  14. can i update my nokia lumia 1020

  15. Is it also the same method to get the creators update on Lumia 630??

  16. I got a 1320 it has Windows 8.1 this will work for me

  17. wish i could do this lol i have a windows phone but its 8.0

  18. if something goes wrong…can i able to restore it back to wp8.1 via wdrt? i have lumia 830

  19. I bave lumia 820 how can i get windows 10

  20. Didn't work on Lumia 930. Interop will not install regardless which version. I did the oldschool method using vcreg in combination with lumia devopment tools. Worked in the past on a 1320 and a 1020 and still works like a charm.

  21. will I be able to record voice calls after update?I'm using Lumia 730

  22. Can i have the phone manufacturer model name value for lumia 950 dual sim please?the RM is 1077 for dual 3g…um using a dual sim handset so,thanks in advance

  23. "as far as microsoft is concerned, we all have 950's now." Insta-sub

  24. Hello! I succesfully upgraded my Lumia 920 to WM10.0.10586.36 (I followed this howto: ). After this I'd like to force the Creators update. Registry edit OK, the phone now seems to be Lumia 950, root access disabled but I´m not sure about restoring bootloader.
    WPInternals says it can harm the phone when using updates with unlocked bootloader, is that true? Since I don´t know which bootloader to use for restoring it (my StockROM that I used for unlocking or the loader which came with the WM10.0.10586.36?) Do yo have any idea? And which build is the best for 920?

    Thank you

  25. Please remember if you're using the Verizon Wireless network you must hack your device to be a Lumia 735 and do not do a hard reset or you will have to manually reset your APNs which are fun, fun, fun on Windows devices. If you're using GSM towers like AT&T and T-Mobile; set your device to be the Lumia 950.

  26. Anyone hear of this working with M8?having problems installing file. Tried renaming, tried a different version (it installed, but would crash every time I made it to the "platforms" folder. Any help is greatly appreciated, it's a damn shame they're not officially supporting this phone.

  27. Thank you very much for this video. You have helped me twice now

  28. Cool trick.. It works on my 535.. Thank you 😊

  29. does this work good on lumia 730?

  30. lumia 1320 now in anniversary update when i try to update to creators update getting msg (some settings are managed by your organization)

  31. Hi 🙂 Nice vid. Sorry for nitpicking but should it be possible to fool the windows insider to install a copy of windows 10 mobile on a Lumia 1020. Courent OS is 8.1 ?

  32. omg change its protector on the screen its feeling so bad omg man ur so dirty !

  33. How to install Interop Tools on W8.1Mobile?

  34. SO, if i'm running right now the 8.1 and i want to get the 10(Lumia 920) that's all?

  35. what about the display size difference? isnt that a problem?

  36. Does this need to be a Lumia phone.  I currently have a HTC One M8. Will this work on it?

  37. No developer mode for my 920

  38. i update 540 lumia this method but 2 days ago display not workig backlight is working pls help me

  39. I don't know if he is joking because like every other video of his is a joke

  40. will it work on my 1020

  41. Thank you so much! Everything works great on my Lumia 930 after the last creators update.

  42. bt now how can i install windows 10 in lumia 920 to 8.1

  43. with this trick i will not abandon my lumia 430 anytime soon

  44. heyy bro i did same by using 950xl , 950 and then 640xl registry settings for my mobile lumia 1320, actually i got the creators update when it asks to restart to finsh update i do n then it goes into flashing and after half an hour it says "COULDN'T FINISH THE INSTALLING UPDATE"

  45. hello, can you help me? i follow your instruction with my lumia 636. i get update notification with creator update, and its downloading like usual, but when installing it's says not enough space, we need 1.11 GB to continue. it keep like that even when my internal memory is 2,5 GB free… i can't update it… please help. thanks

  46. I,m Lumia 540 Dual sim user From Bangladesh ..what can i do now?registry edit key send me on text

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