How to Block Call and SMS on Windows Phone 8

How to Block Call and SMS on Windows Phone 8


You can easily block or filter calls and SMS on your Windows Phone 8 without any third party apps or tools. Nokia’s Amber update will enable this feature on your Lumia phones. Here is how to set it up.


  1. Bhut mast big bro thanks

  2. Thank you Bhai for helping me

  3. You're a star, thank you so much for sharing this :).x

  4. For ones who don't have the "call+sms filter" delete the number wanting to block, hold the number wanting to block from previous texts calls etc and it gives option to block

  5. how to show disappeared call history and phone book memory in lumia 540

  6. when i go to call & sms filter
    something went wrong message is pop up ..
    .. so how to solve it

  7. please tell me how to hide callers I'd on lumia 535

  8. how to unblock the sms whenever i open call and sms filter the messege pop
    Β on the phone written that something went wrong and it never works

  9. thanks dear it works for me

  10. I want to block incoming calls starting from +9112………. for Nokia Lumia. please help me

  11. i have lumia 625 nd i didnt find wht u have on ur phone there is no call+ sms on my phone wht can i do?

  12. i have a nokia lumia 520 and no call SMS filter, it drives me crazy what can i do? i even did a hard reset and its just isn't there

  13. Thanks. I never knew how to do this but the video worked perfect. πŸ™‚

  14. How the hell can I block numbers that are not on history file?

  15. Thanks for this video tip which helped me discover the block number feature that I hadn't been able to do on my old htc Windows phone!

  16. Thank you very much for your helping Video. I searched a lot, but never found a call and sms filter on my phone. Until I watched your clip for 1 minute. πŸ™‚

  17. very usefull because android 5 still doesn't allow this crucial communication feature !!

  18. my phone is lumia 535 but it does not show to block option in history

  19. My question is: Why would Microsoft let you see your blocked text messages? It doesn't make any sense. I was wanting to block my ex and not read the messages. And I can't use truecaller, truedialer, or any of that since they took it off the store.

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