Honor 7X Review: Best Budget Phone of 2017

Honor 7X Review: Best Budget Phone of 2017


The Honor 7X is the best budget phone of the year, with a $199 price tag.

Get the Honor 7X here: https://goo.gl/qtXCCr

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  1. Mi a1 is a better yes in a lot of way….but don't work in a lot of carrier in brick city or any around….put the band's and the type c mi a1 to 7x…

  2. can it run pes 2018 , into the dead 2, nfs most wanted like games

  3. All i can say is all kind of selling in the market is OVER FUCKING PRICES.

  4. What's with the red dot in the lower right?

  5. what's the different between micro USB n type c?

  6. Totally smooth, perfect, great, very snappy what? This an AD not a review!
    Hey XDA! Don't ruin your integrity because of the sponsorship from Huawei or other Companies. You are a bunch of trusted developers don't forget that. You should talk and review devices professionally!

  7. how do i get it in australia

  8. The branding in front ruined it for me.

  9. Yup, the best Budget Phone in the US and couple other Countries. While here in KSA that costs $279? Might as well save up and buy me OnePlus 3T or Flagship from last year

  10. "Screen stretches to the very edge of the phone" shows screen FAR from edge. "Runs games smoothly" Shows racing game running sluttery. "Fingerprint is one of the fastest" Shows average fingerprint performance… Worst review

  11. I have found two things wrong with this phone, no other SMSMMS app will work with it like Pulse or Google messages pictures fail to come through and phone will not send GIFs from any keyboard stock or Gboard.

  12. Head phone jack yyyyyyaaaaasssssss 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  13. 你也许不知道红米5Plus,625和18:9全面屏999人民币
    You probably don't know Redmi 5 plus. Snapdragon 625 and 18:9 screen, only $150

  14. Is this the best phone in the 200 dollar range?

  15. Your screen to body ratio is incorrect. It's over 82% according to published specs.

  16. it can't handle heavy games like Asphalt 8 at high graphics.

  17. It doesn't have gyroscopes sensor which makes this phone not the best budget smartphone but it's faster than MI A1 !

  18. Effortless gaming experience?…..Asphalt 8 was clearly dropping frames and the overall experience looked stuttery😒

  19. I still don't know because I want the elephone s8 plz do the follow up video you said you will do review😥

  20. If this crap is best budget phone of 2017 then what is Redmi Note 4? Best budget phone of the decade?

  21. and fuck off for turning an advertisement into an ''unbiased'' video.Unsubscribing.

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