Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8


Get the Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8 using this simple trick. Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8 is available in the built in app.


  1. Sir Lumia 640xl fb messenger voice call or video calling kesse sallu hoga palis sir answar

  2. Please say about waiting for network problem.please solve dude please

  3. Please tell me how to solve waiting for network problem

  4. Fb massenger is not running in my mobile please help me

  5. sir, my phone lumia 830 i cant access to the messenger it says "waiting for network" do you have some idea how to fix it? i upgraded my phone in windows 10, due to some problem with the software system of windows10, i downgraded back to windows 8.1 and the problem was started i cant access to messenger at all..thanks..

  6. I really don't this window phone because there's no fb messenger voice call or video call and also not supported imo free calling. Windows phone needs so many things upgrade to challenge android phone. I'm waiting to update windows 10 my Nokia Lumia 930

  7. en realidad windows phone es un asco ,no tiene video llamda en messenger

  8. Why does no voice call in window phone on fb?

  9. its not in anyway same with that of android at all… u cant make calls with it , can U? NOOOOOOOOOO.

  10. Make a video abput how to log off fb messenger!

  11. Nokia really did a good come back with Windows, although there are long way to go. FB Messanger is not very nice and intersting to use, rather than we can use whatsapp, Wechat, Photo4tune, Skype or Viber

  12. For god sake why all ***** youtubers are talking about obvious things. YES we can predict that from fb messenger we can send messages and chat with others. The question is does it have all features of Android messanger? Are we able to add new frinds, send files, mak contact groups? What about adnotations about incomeing message?
    For fuck sake you are makeing video where YOU DONT SHOW ANYTHING USEFULL.

  13. okay but will chat heads pop out like in the real messenger app?  REPLY 
    #FbMessenger   #WP8  

  14. That is for lumia 620 tooo?

  15. You did a good job. Thank you!

  16. oh well, never notice about that…..

  17. Will this work on Lumia 520….

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