Control Windows 10 PC from Android or Windows phone

Control Windows 10 PC from Android or Windows phone


Download server zip from here:

windows phone:

Android-Controller for Win10 Free:

Control your Windows 10 computer with your Windows Phone and take advantage of all the new features of Windows 10!.You can control the cursor from smartphone,and use you smartphone’s keyboard to type on computer and a lot of other stuff.

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Here are some features

Multitouch mouse trackpad
Scroll and touch modes
Talk to Cortana
Easy Task View
Easy Snapping
Custom Gestures (draw to perform actions)
Voice Commands
Motion Actions (tilt, shake, zoom)
Keyboard with full keys (Ctrl, Shift, F keys etc.)
Easy search Google and YouTube by typing or by talking
App Commands for most used apps (web browsers, media players etc.)
Edge Gestures
Power shortcuts (including wake on LAN)
Custom Tiles
Draw to Edge browser
Almost everything is customizable via PC (server) app


  1. Sounds just like runescape, back in the day.

  2. Bruh.. Is that mandatory to make both pc and phone connected upon sme wifi?

  3. Sir, how did you get that effect on your Mousse Pointer.
    Waiting for a reply.

  4. open yaaap on your smartphone ah? 🙂 #1:35

  5. do you know how i can record on my samsung and monitor on my computer? what kind of cable would i need? thanks

  6. free for android but not win 10? dafuq

  7. hey which app should i install on my android phone coul u help please

  8. Awesome. Thanks for the help. The background music gives it a nice touch.

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