Cmder: A Better Windows Command Line

Cmder: A Better Windows Command Line


We are going to take a look at a Windows dev tool called Cmder which uses the ConEmu console, Clink, Git and a host of other tools to give you a MUCH better Windows command line experience.

We will also install the “Terminal” package for Sublime Text and integrate Cmder with it

Cmder Download:
Terminal Package:


  1. I will be making a video comparing Cmder, Git Bash, Windows 10 Bash, Cygwin, etc

  2. nice thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Thanks for this video – very cool, I wasnt familiar with this project.
    I can almost go back to using Windows now 🙂

  4. Around the last minute, you're having trouble putting it in program files, I think it's the `space` between `program` & `file`. I had just been reviewing the most common errors for adding it to VSCode, while you were installing it to Sublime.
    but `ProgramData` doesn't have the same space in it

    Combined with line endings and double slashes, these are mostly formatting issues between Windows vs Linux, Mac seems to follow Linux closer

  5. Installation from chocolatey is very easy too!

  6. I need a help ! The terminal: C:ProgramDatacmdercmder.exe . was not found

  7. haha that's true 1000x more appealing

  8. Awesome video, bonus is Sublime Text. Thanks for posting such a great video. Thanks again.

  9. I am brand new to coding, and Cmdr is the first thing I downloaded. Can anyone help me?

  10. I installed full version of CMDER and also pasted it in Program Files, (win 10) but when i open Cmder it is opening as plain fonts and no GREEN or EXTRA colors….it is all in one color, i also tried to change color Scheme, but inspite of changing it, nothing is happening only the background color is changing.

  11. Really Dope tool to have in your arsenal

  12. got a good channel to follow ;*

  13. It's great but it sucks that you can't use it without admin privs…
    EDIT: You can but you have to change the location to somewhere that doesn't need admin privs to write to…

  14. Angry nerd squad here, BRAD, you, you, you, PERSON YOU!!! I wuv u.

    I live on disability. I have "Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia". I would probably not like to drive even if I could afford a car. I live off the state, and I'm f**king sick of it. I want to make myself a public thing, that reveals my private me, and hopefully doesn't beg too much. I would have to telecommute. No choice. I have been a talented programmer of more languages I can count, and entered the professional (paid) universe in 1996.

    So I'm sitting here, having satted here (yes I know shh) for fifteen years. I have no idea whether I can work, or whether I'm a lost cause. For over a year I have watched your videos and others like it. I have Udemy courses on JS (and Vue, Express, Sass, Angular, Electron, and Ionic). But after all this time of total depressed idleness, I can't force myself to go into the other room, put a simple ME website up (and it would be like my 1001st website).

    There is so much information available to me that I'm chasing rainbows and unicorns here. Honestly, your jumping around so much doesn't help matters. I'm overwhelmed, depressed because I'm overwhelmed, then overwhelmed because I'm depressed. All I can do is walk away from it, until the next piece of instruction from anywhere promises to make sense of it all.

    JavaScript is very confusing and needs to be presented somewhere totally apart from front-end and library fluff. Maybe an hour of going through a normal syllabus very very quickly? File system, reading & writing, regex, basic functions for data types. OOP. Too many people think too much of their little thingies (library) and that's not normal. My brain is so stuffed full of C, C++, C# (and on and on) that I'm not willing to take JavaScript past my first assumption and answer one simple question: can JavaScript replace Perl? (Perl is the language I eventually depend on to get something done.)

    I'm not preaching Perl. I'm a person who was originally in search of something up to date other than Python.

    JavaScript needs to be shown off from the back end before I can see going through that mess any more.

    I've watched your videos about you and depression and such. It made me want to watch your videos even more. Is it strange to think of you as a friend?

    — dave

  15. Love your commentary man. Funny stuff.
    Thanks for the video.
    Will definetly be user CMDer

  16. I am LOST… Can Cmdr replace PUTTY? I am trying to set up an UNRAID server. I need to telnet in to do some things. Some people say that because windows doesn't have a true console that I have to use something like putty. Honestly, just looking at putty after download mades me think Windows ME and XP fails. Please guide us on how to use this as a telnet console.

    *edit: Having watched a couple of more videos, the term that I was looking for was "SSH". How do we SSH with Cmdr?

  17. if you want to put Cmder in c:program files then you need to give it complete privileges. Done by right clicking on the folder, properties, security, edit values, add full permissions, save.

  18. I get so fucking frustrated when developers don't bother creating a simple installer…

  19. Thank you! This was very helpful!

  20. I was looking for an alternative to powershell. Thanks for an informative video. You're videos have been a great resource as I learn webdev. Keep up the good work.

  21. Thx for the amazing vids. Neat tool as usual. Please keep these tools coming and never mind the keyboard warriors. Once again neat and nice vidz.

  22. The problem with that one is the struggle with multiple servers, e.g. i have 10 servers so i open up 10 panels in mobaxterm where i am able to write to them at the same time. Is there any possibility to do this with cmder?

  23. Hello,
    How can i create functions aliases as follows by example :
    function createdb{

    DB NAME=$1

    echo "CREATING $DB NAME…"

    mysql -u root –password="" -e "CREATE DATABASE $DB NAME;"


    } ??

  24. nice video.. with this terminal can you highlight code like sublime text and select colors? for example, what happen if you write one instruction of MySQL in the command shell?

  25. It looks powerful but very complicated to setup. Also please tell us how to setup a TCP port and IP address.


  27. which fucking dork created that powershell theme? lol

  28. +Traversy Media Is it possible to integrate this into Atom editor? do you know of a guide for this? thanks man!

  29. still can't get simple aliases to directories to work…
    for example: alias my-folder="cd c:path/to/my/folder"
    also. would be nice to be able to up the current location inside another appm such as
    alias subl="c:path/to/sublime_text.exe"
    subl .
    just like start ., but nono…

    found a workaround:
    alias my-folder=cd "c:path/to/my/folder/$*"
    alias subl.="C:Program FilesSublime Text 3sublime_text.exe" %CD%

  30. Hi I did have the same issue, i made a new map called extra and cut past Ccmd in the map extra and it works now. thank you

  31. How did you make your Google Chrome Initial Page to look cool like that?

  32. By the way, for those who want to use it in VSCode, add this in settings (at least on Windows, don't know for Mac):
    "": "C:\WINDOWS\sysnative\cmd.exe",
    "" : ["/K","C:\Program Files\Cmder\vendor\init.bat"],
    Of course, replacing "C:\Program Files\Cmder\vendor\init.bat" with the path where you have Cmder.
    If it asks you to run it as Administrator, simply add full permissions for the "Cmder" folder to the current user (Right click -> Properties -> Security tab, below "Group or user names:" click "Edit…" and then on your user, then in "Permissions for Users" make sure nothing is checked under "Deny" and everything under "Allow" that can be checked IS checked.

  33. 14:53 – You need to run sublime as administrator. to avoid moving directory.

  34. Hello,
    How to install on Atom ?

  35. Omg thanks so much for this video

  36. thanks for sharing this. loving this new terminal

  37. Program Files is write protected without Admin. So putting it in User directory or wherever will fix that issue.

  38. I can use npm in git bash, but can't in Cmder, how should I set it up?

  39. i have just installed it…nice tut brad

  40. Wicked good video man, thanks for sharing all this great content with us! Keep up the great work. You rock!

  41. I noticed that you put your settings into the DEFAULT File which will be overwritten when sublime is updated. The official way is to copy the setting/keybindings etc. that you like to change from DEFAULT to USER and then change it.

  42. Thank you very much, I have been looking for something like this for years!! 🙂

  43. On a vanilla installation of version 1.3.4, the λ prompt is the same color as the background. This prompt is there, as can be seen when I select that area. It stays the same color as the background even if I change the theme. Anyone know how I can make the prompt a different color?

  44. To get "Cmder Here" on the (right-click) context menu in or on any folder in Explorer, run the following line from an admin command prompt from the cmder install folder:
    .cmder.exe /REGISTER ALL

  45. anybody know how we can add this to the menu when you right click on a folder? I'd like to see the option to "open cmder here."

  46. You Moron the github page clearly says that DON'T PLACE IT IN PROGRAM FILES. Thanks for the misdirection.

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