Camera+ – The Best iPhone Camera App of ALL TIME.

Camera+ – The Best iPhone Camera App of ALL TIME.



Camera+ (.99): 5/5

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  1. Huh… so this is the time when people weren’t scared to death of Geotagging… I miss those days tbh…

  2. here for the I pad Mini giveaway!!!

  3. I havn't found on apps store for iphone 4s!!!! What u wrote on search to get camera +…..

  4. It's the most over rated camera app of all time. You only like it because it's the most popular camera app next to the iPhone on board camera app.

  5. you soung like aaron baker from phonedog

  6. Seems like a great App! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hello there, have you come across "photo SFX art" (just google it)? On their website you can watch a great free video showing the right way to make fantastic pictures. It made it easier for Daniel to make photos which leave you with a wow-effect after you take a look at them. Hopefully it will help you also.

  8. You can also edit the amount of the effect

  9. Hey there, have you tried "Photo SFXart Tricks" (do a Google search for it)? There you can watch a useful free video explaining the best way to create impressive pictures. This made it easier for Joe to make pictures that have that wow-effect after you look at them. Hopefully it will work for you as well…

  10. If you're a camera guy, go by a camera would be my advice to anyone who's into photography that much.

  11. What difference does it make if he's Asian or has ADHD? This is an app review not a judgmental review

  12. I'm looking for a video app where I can start and stop any time? ( recording, stoping then start from where I had left off) you got any you suggest?

  13. photoforge is way better

  14. i'm alil concieted & i 'love love love love LOVE' taking pics like the ones you take.. i'm gonna buy this, now i don't need a canon….. okay i'm getting it anyways but still thank you:D!!

  15. @Nathantheboxopener It's called camera plus pro in the AppStore.

  16. @dx4life23dx they have that

  17. what about camera plus pro?

  18. LOL he stayed a lil longer at his girlfriends photo. He's probably like "Yeah, I'm hittin' that. You jelly?"

  19. @kkeshav74, what do you mean by analog effects? sorry i just want to know some pros and cons before i make a purchase

  20. 4:45..that is an awesome photo dude!

  21. Awesome review. Thanks bro 😀

  22. @SammboyxD the Analog effects. But everything else is free

  23. @BDUBMW2 A useless comment;

  24. hey, what are the in-app purchases you have to buy? :S

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