Best Smartphone Microphone – Rode VideoMic Me External Mic with Android S7 Review

Best Smartphone Microphone – Rode VideoMic Me External Mic with Android S7 Review


Rode VideoMic Me ➡

Are you looking for a bigger microphone for your Android or iPhone smartphone? In this review, we will test the sound quality of the Rode VideoMic Me with an Android Samsung S7.

There are 5 test in this full review
1. S7 Outdoors Mic Test
2. Rode VideoMic Me with Windshield Outdoors
3. Rode VideoMic Me without Windshield Outdoors
4. S7 Indoors Test
5. Rode VideoMic Me Indoors with Windshield

Rode VideoMic Me


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  1. To clarify, this is a galaxy s7. Did you change any settings on your phone prior to setting this up? Are you using any other camera/video apps? I want to use this inside to record educational videos. I think the plug is a TRRS correct? Which would be compatible wit the S7 earphone jack. WHAT IF, I see the message, Mic is using earphone jack and not giving me any tones or beeps as the phone does without any plugs attached? This would be the plug is acting like headphones and cancelling out all other sounds. Am I thinking correctly? I would buy this if I can be sure it will work. My lapel mic has failed me for some reason.

  2. Why do you have background music when testing a microphone hahaha

  3. I am looking for a mic but I go to concerts and the music is so loud it makes my audio crackle will this mic still crackle from the loud noise?

  4. Great example.
    Can you record cd quality music from studio monitors?

  5. Thank u. sounds good. I'm gonna get one

  6. Hey there, is this microphone also usable when using the selfie camera? Won't the mic show up in the video? And the way it has to be attached makes me wonder if it won't touch the button close to the mic jack causing the camera to shut down all the time? Good review!

  7. what is the brand name of the furry? thanks for the great review!

  8. Thank you for the good examples. I've known about this mic for awhile. The outdoor example helped a lot! 🖒🖒

  9. try to be objective> you dont have to wait untill the wind stops then add the cover to the mic to show that it works. the trees movement sold you out.
    tnx anyways

  10. Thanks for the informative review! I really like the fact that you demonstrated the VideoMic Me by comparing its sound quality to the built in microphone and wind. Just clicked your link to buy on Amazon…

  11. what your aplication use for video recorder ?

  12. Kept searching a lot for microphone with S7. But hey are you really sure this works?? There wasn't much of a difference and without the wind shield it kind of sounded even terrible than the inbuilt microphone.

    Also does this work better than the earphone mic plugged in that comes with the S7??

  13. Wow it was a nice review!!!! so deserve more views.. just subbed btw.. 😄

  14. hi Alvin, does it work attaching to a PC laptop? does it work with samsung note 5?

  15. Thanks for the review, just ordered 🙂

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