Best Power Bank Charger of 2018 Review (Charge your Phone/Tablet 6X!)

Best Power Bank Charger of 2018 Review (Charge your Phone/Tablet 6X!)


I have found this amazing powerbank deal that is currently 50% off! It has a giant battery capacity and will charge your tablet/phones 5x or more. Watch now to see my review
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In this video The Deal Guy has found the best power bank charger of 2018. This power bank portable charger is the best portable battery of 2018 in my opinion.

This portable charger is one of the best powerbank charger deals I have found and reviewed this year!


The Deal Guy may be compensated by Amazon for purchases, resulting from this video.


  1. Matt Granite…once again delivering rock- solid finds.

  2. I would need it for school

  3. I shouldve gotten this power bank haha

  4. awesome video! i have an old knock off that is super inconsistent. thanks so much for suggesting something better

  5. Thanks for finding this matt

  6. pls do another one of this video the link is not working

  7. can this charge three go pro battery's at once

  8. I am incredibly disappointed that I never got any response from anybody on Matt Granite's team about my statements that I made a couple weeks ago. I thought you always read all the comments?

  9. One suggestion is to make sure you have/buy a good power cable because your charge time will dramatically decrease if you don't. That's at least what I've found.

  10. I bought this power bank and I am not having the same experience you had in your video. First it takes more than 6 hours to recharge the power bank. Also I've had my phone plugged into it for an hour and I am only at 35 percent.

  11. Wait a second… so if you can charge this using a Lightning cable, don't you then need to carry the wall adapter to plug that Lightning cable into the wall to charge the power bank? If you already have the wall adapter and Lightning cable, why do you need the power bank to charge your iPhone?

  12. Not so great of a power back. Came in defective. I emailed service at intellishopper 3 days ago and haven't heard back. Got an auto response that they strive to response within 24 hours. Sent another email today let's see what happens.

  13. I need a womans size smart watch. I have samsung gear but just too bulky. Any ideas

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