Best movie maker for phone(android app)

Best movie maker for phone(android app)


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  1. Did you actually add a music from YouTube while editing wow you are stupid you should do it with a editing app

  2. Virus and malware… Has to uninstall immediately…

  3. Is there or can you get some horror-themed ones? I'm doing a short horror film for YouTube! Thank you so much

  4. But no one likes the cyberpunk thing!

  5. see I had an android and I had this app on it and I’ve been trying to find this app again but it’s not available on iPhone 😪

  6. Hadir bg dengan membawa like dan komen dan subscribe,,bg jangan lupa subs balek y

  7. What is music please?Good videos😮❤😇

  8. Right now he has 666 subs

  9. fantastic!!
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  11. Hello bro your video was amazing.I like it so much. but there is a fault,you should speak something in your video.

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  13. I just changed my iPhone to Android (huawei honorX6) and I can't find a movie maker until I find this which is totally different than the iMovie I which I could have an app that looks the same cuz to be honest iMovie is the best I do lots of cool videos SO GOOD so if you guys know one pls reply and like if you agree with me

  14. could you make animations in the app

  15. hey guys what was the app called ?

  16. this is really helpful now I can make my youtube intro!

  17. it's good but i can't copy to other device, please help me

  18. thank you so much for showing this app. now I can make skits and comic dubs again 😁

  19. I donno whos the creator of this app and powerdirector program, i just want say i looove it i use the windows pc program it's amazing and i just discovered this app seeing thsi video i didnt know they also had app for android you made my day yayyyyy!

  20. ooooo like si no es mucha molestia me podrías decir como se llama la musica

  21. I know about power director 🤗

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