Best Lavalier Mic for iPhone?! (ClipMic Digital Review)

Best Lavalier Mic for iPhone?! (ClipMic Digital Review)


Unboxing & Review: Sennheiser’s new ClipMic Digital is a lavalier microphone for iPhone 6 & Plus that connects via Lightning. ClipMic Digital from Sennheiser features an ME 2 omnidirectional condenser mic and compares in quality to my EW 112-p wireless lavalier kit. Preorder here:
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  1. Mine sounds nothing like it…I have loads of hiss….for some reason. I just want to know has the audio been polished with some fancy tools?

  2. Will this work on the iPhone SE?

  3. Thanks for the video. Just a quick question? Did you do any editing on the audio, when I use my clip on I hear a lot of white noise. And if the gain is lower , my voice is not as loud as I want it to be.

  4. In addition to $$$, what’s the practical difference between this, the Sennheiser ClipMic Digital 2, and Sennheiser MKE 2 Digital? This is a big ask, I know—but I totally trust your expertise and would really appreciate the feedback. My use case is this: A nerve disease is making typing less and less possible, yada yada yada, I’m training voice to text software, which is only as good as the audio recording. I’ve noticed a huge difference in accuracy depending on the mic. Truly, in this case quality trumps cost.

  5. Honestly, I think the slight difference I hear can be attributed to the slight orientation difference between the two mics relative to your larynx. It sounds distinctly like a placement difference – not a mic response difference.

  6. Hi, thanks for the great review . Have you used that mic with an app like filmic pro, or iMovie, does it sound any different? What about recording outside? I don ‘t hear static noise , which is great as my Zoom IQ7 makes a lot of that. Thanks

  7. I think I might need one…

  8. Cool! This thing is amazing. Thanks dude

  9. Great review Dom! Very minimal difference between the two mics. Definite game changer.

  10. Actually the difference between these two microphone is very similar, however the wireless lav will sound more natural than the iphone one.

  11. Hey Dom. Can you use the apogee app when recording video? I'm looking for a lav to film video from my iphone. Thoughts?

  12. wow, you have one of the best voice sound i've heard on youtube.

  13. Nice review Dom… were you given this – or did you buy it? I have not noted much dynamic range, it is very easy to overmod this microphone and it may only be suited to record with the Apogee Ap, rather than directly into FilmicPro. Although filmic does enable increase input levels, this mic makes it very hard. In a room alone that is quiet. The Iphone 6 mic is way better. Wider dynamic range, no over moding, automated levels. I also find with this product, you have to be very careful where you put it as there has to be an absolute optimum placement for mounting it on your body. I have yet to see results personally that you herein review, making me wonder if you have post treated the mic in this review? Granted your review also notes it sounds better than the more expensive system, which I can't understand.

  14. The difference is that the G3 has 15-18 % more dynamic range from my perspective, the ClipMic also has a light background hiss sound but both factors can be equalized and remove, this is only noticeable if you listen this video with high quality headphones , sincerely for the 98% of people sounds the same.

  15. besides mixing and EQ, is there a reason not to use the standard iOS sound recording app? I've been using that for short films but now i'm wondering if I should switch

  16. Hi Dom, I'm looking for a simple mike solution to record customer testimonials on an iPhone, but prefer that the sound and video is recorded together so that my employees don't need to have the tech skills to sync video and audio. I suppose the Sennheiser Clip mike might work IF the iphone video recording allows a separate mike connected to the central port. If so, then it would only need an extension cable if one is made. The beauty of recording client testimonials on a smart phone is the lack of video gear takes away camera-shyness and you can do it anytime that a client is happy. Your thoughts?

  17. Hello, can we use this microphone in combination with the native iPhone6 camera?

  18. The apogee sounds more natural. The other one sounds like a broadcasting mic. Not necessarily a bad thing. Both very useable.

  19. Hi Dom, I need a mic for live streaming from my iPhone 6+. Any recommendations? Thank you!!!

  20. Hey Dom,
    I own the Sennheiser 112P kit you mentioned. How can I record video with it directly into my iPhone to avoid post production?

  21. I'm tempted, but you're comparing it to the ME2, one Sennheisers worst lavalier microphones. I wish you were comparing it to the MKE Gold that most of us Sennheiser-using pros use on their G3's.

  22. thank you for your reviw. Question ! Is it not a wireless system, right?

  23. your videos and reviews are OUT OF THIS WORLD .. SUBSCRIBED !!!

  24. I just want the thing recording with the video app. Anybody have a video comparing that?!

  25. Does it work for android?

  26. I don't need another recording device, but I bought this mic to use for quick run and gun style and just use the ios camera app. After messing around with it for awhile now, I have found that no matter how much I adjust the gain; anywhere from 23db, down to 5db (which is as low as I can get and still here people talk) in the suggested Maestro app, I still get a noise floor when listening through headphones. I didn't want to have to screw around in post with these kind of videos as they are not as serious as some of my others which I do invest the time in post editing and syncing audio. Granted, I am an audiophile, but I would've hoped for better from these two companies. Now, having said all that, I'll probably hang on to it due to it's small real estate and the $200.00 won't bust my bank. But if you're on a budget and need something to record good quality audio, I'd suggest saving $50.00 and buy yourself a Zoom H1 and a Giant Squid mic.

  27. So you couldn't use the microphone to replace the normal audio in an iPhone video?

  28. Both are good but I think that the ClipMic sounds a little better and is cool because you can connect to you're iphone and apple watch

  29. You lost so much weight! Good job budy:)

  30. looks cool and different from others

  31. cant tell the difference of the sounds..both are great microphone..but very expensive..great review Dom..

  32. There is a very subtle difference. In my opinion, I feel like the iPhone connector mic thing has almost the same quality for a lot less of the price.

  33. I am still trying for the phone and that microphone is pretty cool

  34. What music do you normally use in your videos?

  35. Oh, it costs more than my Zoom H1. But Zoom H1 has a microphone port for 1-2 dollars lav mics, so… You can listen cheap lavalier mics with Zoom H1 and compare it with this product. And I think you will choose Zoom.

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