Best CES 2019 Smart Home Tech: 25 Awesome Gadgets

Best CES 2019 Smart Home Tech: 25 Awesome Gadgets


CES 2019 was amazing! I walked through miles of new tech to put together this ultimate CES smart home round up for you.

I’ll show you the very best smart home gadgets at CES. I have some updates from big brands like SmartThings, Ring, and Arlo, in addition to tech from up-and-coming start ups.

NOTE: The hanging light at 10:33 is Yeelight’s Crystal Pendant Lamp, which should be available May 2019. I forgot to put the title on the video.

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Arlo Ultra:
Ring Door View Cam:
Schlage Encode:
Nanoleaf Canvas:
Sphero Specdrums:

See the list of everything I use in my smart home and other favorites:

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Arlo Pro vs Arlo Ultra:
CES 2018 Roundup:

CES 2018:
Light Strip Ideas:
15 SmartThings Ideas:

Writer/Editor/Director: Reed Kleinman
Producer: Alysa Kleinman

Song titled Terminant by Nihilore and used under Creative Commons. Check out his website here:

Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver paid for their own CES trip. All of their coverage and opinions are their own.


  1. how do you stop someone from stealing your Rings?

  2. Did you happen to see the Capstone Connected smart mirror in action?

  3. Can you link the products in a list, so we can find them directly in the web?

  4. $1000 for a tacky piece of wood? Yeah, goood luck with that

  5. I like how you mute the sound when you say “Alexa“

  6. Go to a nearby cinema theater, buy a ticket and see a movie. For nearly three hours your brain will shut every worry OFF.
    Use them and die early. Congratulations.
    This is becoming an international phenomena…
    I was driving through a narrow road and two female DKs(dukar khaus) were standing blocking the road. I reached very near. One on the middle moved clear the other one won't move a hair and started grumbling but won't shift her fat ass. These females… I am sure they take lemon tea for weight loss after munching like cattle the whole day.

  7. LG's TV's were incredible at CES – check out their OLED line. The video quality is super impressive!

  8. Take a shot every time u see the iPhone dik as max

  9. HEh heh. heh heh. he said wood.

  10. Nice reviews, short, open & and to the point, thanks…
    however like @reece paine – 200 us bucks AND a subscription for a freakin doorbell that eats batteries (and is easily stolen), am I still in reality here or ?
    …. just virtualise ourselves then we won't need a doorbell, nor a home in fact…
    – wall size screens??? .. for yachts and sports bars maybe,
    – lights in my bath tub plug hole…errr… lol

  11. I2C light strips are individually addressable.

  12. Subtle bathroom lighting is great. I'd like something that's subtle and sensory, so you can get up in the middle of the night and visit the bathroom easily. No need to sharp lights, disrupting your sleepy eyes, no need to touch any thing – a cleaner more convenient experience all round.

  13. 9:37 thank you more people need to start doing this

  14. Wow! Nice to see all the latest government surveillance equipment. How trendy

  15. I like how he blocked out the name Alexa so he didn't activate anyone's Alexa.

  16. $1000 for a piece of smart wood? Are they fucking retarded? lol

  17. you said 3gb of speed internet god daaaaaamn in my ountry which is algeriawe have 4mg of speed internet 4mg not 4gb we are so back i think we will have 3gb in 2999 maybe maybe thanx man its cool tech you have showed us

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