Ask the Devil Episode 2: “What is the Best App for iPhone?”

…Also answered:
1) Why do you have a roommate named Tony?
2) What’s the best way to quit smoking?

The Devil’s advice on iPhone apps:

Flashlight app is really useful. I use that to find my shoes, socks, and slaves.

I love Candy Crush on iPhone. I spent a little but too much money on that last month. I’m a little shamed tro admit it.

The Fox News app is good, but that just reminds me of work. I recommend the Huffington Post App if you’re looking for actual news.

QR Code Readers are great! I don’t want to spoil anything, but I’m doing some really exciting things with the QR codes. I’ve got the same guy who did the backwards albums in the 70s working on QR Codes now, and let me tell you: some of the stuff we’re hiding in there now is just plain wrong 🙂


  1. Couldn't take the 10 Billion Scovil Units….

  2. ask the devil always cheers me up.

  3. What is your phone number? I appreciate it if u give to me and here’s my and thanks


  5. I am sure there are many videos like ask the devil ep1 and others which I've missed , is there anyway I can still watch em?

  6. Lord wasn’t willing? :((

  7. so who's the hot guy who plays the devil?

  8. Can we make more of these, god willing. Lol.

  9. This series needs to come back!

  10. I'm so intruiged by this fucking awesome channel. Guess I'm gonna need to get on their research levels to find it's history

  11. this reminds me a lot of What We Do In The Shadows, and I'm living for it

  12. the mysterious beginning of nerdcity is the deepest, lostest, lore

  13. The devil is a chill dude

  14. 👏🏽 ask 👏🏽 the 👏🏽 devil 👏🏽 every 👏🏽 Wednesday

  15. The devil lives in Florida, Go Publix.

  16. Please do these every Wednesday, Satan's favorite day! Wednesdays always suck that way you should bring this series back!!

  17. What. I fucking love this. How am I just seeing this channel now.

  18. Be careful about what you are playing with he dont like to be humiliated at all and now my lord is rising an army who knows what comes next

  19. You are not him I hear him every day when im sleep when I wake up at least you are not the orginal one.

  20. I’m scared ur a genius…

  21. Vaping is the answer to that last question. Yep. It’s vaping. Vaping is pretty much my answer to everything.

  22. This show is so cool is unfair

  23. This is so good, but is not clickbait enough to get more views.

  24. You are the prettiest devil of all my acquaintances

  25. I have trouble sleeping at night… What are some surefire methods to combat insomnia?

  26. Im going to order a pizza, what toppings should i get? Help dude

  27. Who came here from r/deepintoyoutube? Thanks Reddit!

  28. Btw theres no way to find these videos on your channel, they're hidden and I've only ever been able to see them through yt's recommended section 🙂

  29. The ending noise made that weird-ass shivering sensation go down my spine… Really well made video, criminal how low the view count is.

  30. Devil and Doctor Downvote crossover?

  31. I have seen very few things on this website as fantastic as this

  32. Is this the same guy that does the newer videos?

  33. Is this Dr. Downvote?

  34. My kind of quality content ! How did I just discover it now?

  35. A possiblity you would bring these back?

  36. Fk 1k views!? youtube gold gone to waste. damn

  37. how do you not have more subscribers bc you're so all good and funny and professional

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