Apple iPhone 7 Review

Apple iPhone 7 Review


Is the iPhone 7 the best smartphone this year, should you buy it and is it worth the upgrade? Join us to find out in our full Apple iPhone 7 review!


  1. No headphone jack means no water can get in think about it. Thanks 4 that interesting tip now I can open my phone faster

  2. hello i Phone 7 can blur the picture from backside .. ,, with any app or software please tell me….

  3. I don't know why people on Ebay are spending $500-$700 for an used iPhone 7-7 plus. When they can dictate the price buy not buying those phones when they reach a certain price. Say for example, if they reach a price of $300. no body should buy one of them.

  4. Will the battery last for a typical working day with moderate usage on the iphone7 ??

  5. Nice one John…a pretty fair review of a phone that has some pluses and some real negatives I know I'm late to watching this video but I'm thinking about getting one but not sure

  6. Great review. I like iOS and the iPhone because it's simple yet reliable. Personally I'm not into customization etc. I just want to be able to use my smartphone with little to no issues.

  7. The best neutral Iphone 7 review ive seen by any means. Love the honoust but technicall approach to the device. I self use the Iphone 7 as my daily driver and i do this because of the same reasons you name in the video, Simplicity , it does what must do, and the beast snappyness the phones has. Also the lack of the headphone jack is the prep for upcoming market shift in wireless earbuds and headphones. Making wires something for the upcoming past, it was no big deal for me because it forced me to enjoy the conveniency of owning a pair of bleuthoot earbuds etc. For high Quality listening , i'll be at home on a dac and Openback Sennheiser connected with the adapter so it just great

  8. how is it a pain to switch the video record quality? i get that its dumb that its not in the camera app but u only switch it one time its not a "pain" 😂

  9. the unibody aluminum design is my part of the phone.

  10. joooooooooooooohn v from phonearena

  11. You're a handsome man John V

  12. Yo why is the audio so terrible lol

  13. can I get I phone in you giveaway ??????

  14. like the new camera and the matte black. looks great.

  15. First Phonearena, after that Android Authority, now here. Where next John?

  16. but but it's not any thinner…

  17. 10:00 lol "the moment we start shitting video", oh God I'm so immature… xD

  18. thumps up if u can also hear the Hissss sound of I7 in the Video

  19. Once there was a Greek orator named Demosthenes. He had a nice technique to get ready for public speeches – he used to talk with pebbles in his mouth and recited verses while running. John V probably knows that. The only thing John V doesn't know is that Demosthenes actually spitted the pebbles out before giving a speech.

  20. why are you killing Android authority

  21. I thought JV had joined Pocketnow?

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