7 Best Mac Apps to Transfer files between Mac and iPhones iPads iPods

7 Best Mac Apps to Transfer files between Mac and iPhones iPads iPods


This video shows you 7 best Mac apps for transferring files between your Mac and iPhones, iPads, and iPods. With these 7 apps, you don’t need iTunes anymore because apps are much better than iTunes in many ways and they also provide you with freedom of transferring files between your Mac and your iOS devices.

List of the apps mentioned in the video with links to download:

1. Waltr 2: https://softorino.pxf.io/Dk4Jq
2. iMazing: http://t.cn/RKh6N69
3. Photo Transfer Wifi: (From Appstore)
4. AnyTrans: https://goo.gl/55uTzB
5. iFunbox: http://t.cn/aB3p3A
6. Wondershare Dr. Fone: https://goo.gl/Mabpth
7. TidyMyMusic: http://t.cn/RKh6HWv

As you may probably know that transferring files back and forth between your Mac and your iOS devices like iPhones iPads or iPods is like a pain in the ass. It is too complicated and often it involves iTunes. And if you use iTunes, you don’t have a full control of what files to put in your iOS devices and how you want those files to be because iTunes restricts your ability to transfer files to and from your iOS devices. However, with these 7 apps that I am about to show you, you surely have a full control of how and what you want to transfer to your iOS devices. And most importantly, iTunes is definitely not needed.

App number One is called Waltr 2. What this app does is it allows you to drag and drop any music, ringtones, Videos, PDF or ePUB files into your iPhones, iPads, or iPods instantly without iTunes. The best thing is that it automatically where to transfer any of these files to the right apps in your iOS devices. For example, music to music app, ringtones to settings app, videos to video app, PDF or ePUB files to iBooks app.

App number two is called iMazing. This app is the best replacement of iTunes but you can do much more with it without any restrictions. For example, you can copy music to and from any iOS device.

App number 3 is called Photo Transfer Wifi. What this app does is it allows you to transfer both photos and videos wirelessly into the Camera Roll where you can edit or delete any photos or videos as you wish.

App number 4 is called AnyTrans. This app is very similar in many ways to iMazing. However, it can do things that iMazing app cannot do.

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  5. This is incredibly helpful – thank you very much!

  6. Never choose apps that force you to connect to internet while performing basic files transfer across local connected devices. There shouldn’t be any need for that.

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