5 Must-Have Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (free & without ads)

5 Must-Have Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (free & without ads)


In this video, I am going to share 5 amazing must-have apps for your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. These apps are specially designed for your Galaxy Note 9 and other Galaxy smartphones and will surely enhance the use of your smartphone.

All these android apps are free full version apps and contain no ads.

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  1. Edge lighting is not available on my note 9 Samsung music app.

  2. Very nice Case you have there. What is it?

  3. So u clearly NEVER look into the software etc of things these days lol. Ya reeeeeeally must have apps.
    Perfect for the person who's oblivious, a mute, has head inserted in ass, people that say button with a very exaggerated T emphasis, or just anyone who gives not one shit about anything or anyone at anytime.

    I'm wondering how I get intrusive system changing, cant disable or force stop, can't deny permission even though I didn't accept a single one by free will choice, the app creators who seemingly built a virus of sorts and the second you go clear data the hit force stop, (the only fucking option that works out of Disable, clear data, report (these ball less wonders just put fake boxes with the ONE real box, so there is NO option to report them, complain, nothing! Doesn't matter what this 3rd party app IS what it DOES or any damage to your well being or livelihood, so could compose an email to your boss lets say, with a giant picture of an old womens really mis shapened and saggy vag, or dick pic, or could send audio files sms, take pics and video has administrator permission, so just GIVEN A YES TO BY THE APP FUCKS, can't disable or say no, cause it just clicks itself back to yes and you aren't ever the admin of the fucking device you pay for.

    Oh! And samsung takes zero responsibility for anyrhing EVER to do with 3rd party apps, no torts, no damages, no nothing. I mean, for me to even change the clock time to current when i brought it home from the stpre, this page pops up said sumsung blah blah safety shit, don't eat the screen etc. Then hit ok and now they can do whatever they want, and they pretty much are like, ya, fuck off if you have shit going down, too bad, even if we meant it making it tort, we said in thst page of words EVEN IF ITS TORTIOUS SAMSUMG AINT TAKING ANY RESPONSIBILITY NOT A THING cause you said ok.
    I So , i see you r loving the surveillance apps mr video guy up there, but these cockroach pre installs THESE MINIONS, just the 2 WEATHER apps I have as pre installs. So innocent looking yet soooooo nefarious. Just like Googe
    Don't be Evil
    Google search engine for baby surface Internet
    Don't be Evil (Google search engines dark side) search engine used on For and deeper levels of intermet.

    Anyone point me to how to remove pre installs in Samsung tab E . Can I root it and remove that way?

  4. Not able to find edge lighting + on gAlaxy apps

  5. Didn't understand the car mode properly

  6. I love my Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  7. Unfortunately the Edge Lighting + is not available any more.

  8. Samsung Music, has limited volume, Not the greatest

  9. 14:32 video – 5 commercials, 2 were 30 seconds lomg cannot skip. all these apps are garbage old Samsung apps. Thanks.

  10. Must have? I don't see a use for any of these apps and Samsung apps are garbage anyway.

  11. "Keep clicking next." That's how you inadvertently get viruses.

  12. I liked the ZEDGE app very much. But the ads became ridiculous to the point I
    couldn't use my phone for anything without a loud ad popping up and
    unable to exit or silent the LOUD ads till they let you. I would even
    get some in the middle of the night start blasting when I was asleep and
    not using my phone. If they ever come up with a paid no ads version I
    might try again, but till then, I uninstalled it.

  13. Keep up the Note 9 vids! Apps, etc… ty!

  14. I couldn't find Edge Lighting+?.. why

  15. what is that phone case in the thumb nail?

  16. 8:36 Looks like one of his more used words popped up there when he types a v. lol

  17. You seriously gotta hire someone to say your lines. Everything about your video is great. But your voice is literally like fingernails running down a chalkboard!
    Please don't take offense because again, your info is great, and video quality, presentation is also great. But Holy shit batman!

  18. Don't need sound assistance.. has a volume button on the phone…. don't need Smusic either… it would of been on the phone if it was great .. don't need another edge lighting app either… this is dumb as fuck..

  19. WHats a good call recording app for this phone?

  20. When I bring up Samsung music I only have my ringtones and I can't find anything else even when I search! Wtf am I doing wrong?? HELP!!

  21. I can't find edge lightning+ on my note 9

  22. Thanks a whole lot bro….learnt a whole lot from you…Now my phone even looks more suave 🤞🏾

  23. Is anyone having trouble sometimes sending emails with photos its not going through with hotmail email on they're note 9

  24. If you guys are wanting the edge lighting all you have to do is go to settings>display>go down to edge screen> click on it> then click on where it says edge lighting and there you have it. No I didn't have to download anything. It's already on the phone. Yes I have the note 9 as well

  25. Thank you this was helpful and informative!!

  26. cant find that edge Lighting +

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