25 Reasons Galaxy Note 9 Is Better Than iPhone XS Max

25 Reasons Galaxy Note 9 Is Better Than iPhone XS Max


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We go over 25 reasons why Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could be considered better than Apple iPhone XS Max. This is part two of a two-part video series.

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25 Reasons Why Galaxy Note 9 Is Better Than iPhone XS Max



  1. What reasons are most important to you?

  2. 4:58 and 5:01
    What is the name of the wallpapers . Plz reply . Awesome video

  3. But samsung devices get slow within 6 months to 1 year

  4. I had a terrible experience with my S7 Edge. It took 4 trips and nearly a month and a half for Samsung to finally fix it correctly. I vowed never to own another Samsung and switched back to Apple. Quite honestly I’m bored of iOS. Yes iOS just works great and Apple care has got you covered but Apple makes everything easy and convenient which makes it hard to leave the apple ecosphere. I have this need for change and well with Apple that change is hard because differences in new released phones are just boring and leave you wanting more. Bottom line, I’m anxiously awaiting the release of the S10+

  5. Not even close … note kills the iphone

  6. Does Note 8 have the same functions as in Note 9? I mean the ones that were shown on the video????

  7. Samsung phones are better and chiper than iphones and you pay samsun galaxy note 9 and you get note 9 and you have to pay 2000 to have a pefect iphone xs max

  8. Note 9
    But then it’s just my opinion

  9. As an apple user, I can respect that a lot of Android phones are better than apple but I just prefer to use apple since I got my first phone which was the iPhone 4s.

    What determines which phone is perfect for you is all on the users preference. I’m not saying that apple is better than android but some people just prefer to use apple.

    Everyone has different selling points. And I can say that I’m happy with an iPhone XS.

    Whether you prefer apple or android, I will respect your opinion as every person is different.

  10. The sale numbers dont lie. Note 9 is best

  11. Hate Samsung or any android

  12. I just switched for iPhone the android I've always knew I was an android chic. iPhones sucks never going back

  13. yeah but why does it look like shit

  14. now here you're true to viewers and to yourself

  15. Android is for the user who wants the iPhone but couldn't afford one.

  16. If u want ur money to be worth than do urself a favor and grab the iphone and if u under budget or wanna go cheap than get samsung

  17. Oh god! I have Note 9 since 4 mounths and i didn't know about most of these features until now! 😂💔💪🏼

  18. Iphone users saying their software is more secure and less laggy is full of shit. Androids are for advanced users that know what secure files are. Knox and Lookout on samsung make the security 10x better than Apple. As for the lag ? WTF you all talking about ? the galaxy s1 ? Samsung or any other android phone that I know has never lagged before. Apple is a joke too, some nerd told me at an Apple store than my friend's ipad has been locked out of him and can never be unlocked unless you factory reset it. So like for the lock that locks certain apps or some shit. On Apple everytime you get the password wrong it like adds an hour to the time …. BULLSHIT buddy ! I used my android to decipher and hack his Apple (it was so easy) and got his code. It was in a numerical form and I used a formula on my Samsung to get it. But anyway yeah that shit is so weak. Apple users can talk shit when jailbreaking and iphone is somewhat more harder, but until then SHUT THE FUCK UP Y'ALL SHEEPS !!!

  19. I just switched to the note 8 from the iphone x and honestly didn't realize how much I missed the headphone jack and the expandable memory on Samsung. I left my wallet at home by accident and I went to taco bell after class. The lady persistently stated they dont take mobile payments and BAM Samsung pay proved her wrong really quick. And she was so confused lol. I fucking love this phone. Just need samsung to improve on their image signal processing, because the stock camera app is trash. I use the ported pixel camera apk and its far better than the samsung camera app.

  20. But the better functionality of Note those are wants not needs. Inside an iPhone they have several chips each for its function for example metal for graphics, T2 for security, A12 Bionic the most advanced chip ever so what i'm saying is its worth it for an iPhone to go that expensive because of life span it will give you other than Samsung they don't last longer

  21. SAMSUNG💕🔝🔥🤘🏻
    samsung is the best ..❤🔥🌸💪🏻

  22. This video is a true testimony of how far technology has come. Here I was about to buy a motorola razr lol #OldSchool lol Highschool days lol

  23. It’s the same hassle of taking a screenshot then cropping rather than cropping then taking a screenshot

  24. I'm switching from the note to iPhone this summer. i tried to work with the camera quality but the quality on snap and Instagram is the reason i stopped posting. its literally ass

  25. Apple users getting so pressed about the reason why samsung is better😆. Its so funny

  26. Almost stopped watching when he said gif.

  27. My fortnite epic account is C_Wayne_A

  28. Can I redeem the galaxy skin

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