2013 Best Free Apps for iPhone – Rhythm Pad (Drums/Drum Pad)

2013 Best Free Apps for iPhone – Rhythm Pad (Drums/Drum Pad)


Best Free iPhone Apps 2013 – Rhythm Pad

Rhythm Pad is totally free. You can play professional music with it and a solo or covering.

Rhythm Pad is the easiest and the smartest way to play drums on mobile devices. Rhythm Pad includes a wide range of high-quality real and electronic drum kits. Just connect you iPod/iPhone/iPad to speakers and start jamming with your band. You can also play along with songs from the iPod library. Rhythm Pad is created by musicians for musicians, delivering you an awesome set of features. Download the best drums app for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch today!

Top features include:

• Realistic Open and Closed Hi-Hats function.
• ‘Smart Levels’: Pads sound louder at the center.
• Optimized layout for maximum playability in iOS devices.
• High-quality stereo sampled sounds with maximum polyphony that gives a realistic feel.
• Ability to configure the levels for individual pads.
• Added ability to rearrange pad positions.
• Recording Feature: Added ability to record your patterns and share your recordings.
• AudioCopy: Allows you to take the samples you record in Rhythm Pad to other audio applications.
• MIDI support: Sends MIDI via WiFi or Camera Connection Kit allowing you to use Rhythm Pad as a MIDI controller. While sending MIDI signals, drums are mapped based on General MIDI standard.
• Audiobus support: Stream audio from Rhythm Pad to other Audiobus-compatible apps.

Included kits:

• Real
• Real (with Ride)
• Real (with Rimshot)
• Real (Pop Kit)
• Dance/Club
• Chemical
• Hip-Hop
• Percussion
• Rock Kit
• Trip-Hop

Stickteck’s DRUMMERZ tablet drumsticks makes playing Rhthym Pad even that more fun and realistic. Now you can play directly on your iPad – great for practicing, jamming and recording your favorite drum tracks from anywhere! Take a look www.getdrummerz.com and start jamming today!

Download Rhythm Pad on your iPhone here


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